1. Irina Gurieva, teach, comp. FNTS them. Michurin

    In July, there is an invasion of a spider mite, especially on strawberries, raspberries, currants, and apple trees. It is difficult to notice the pest, but its work is clearly visible - white dots on top of the leaf and cobweb below. Leaves dry quickly. And the plant itself weakens and withers. The tick not only harms plants, but can also be a carrier of viral infection.
    Acaricidal drugs work against the pest - Akarin, Fitoverm. But during the ripening period of the berries, when less than 20 days are left until the harvest, you can use only folk remedies, of which the most effective is: dissolve 10 g of ground sulfur-tar soap in 150 liters of water. The composition is desirable to spray the plants at least two times (with an interval of 5-7 days), trying to thoroughly moisten the bottom of the leaves.

  2. Irina Gurieva

    You can get rid of spider mites on roses and other garden flowers with the help of yarrow infusion, tobacco, shag or wormwood. For cooking, you need to fill in 500 g of any grass with a bucket of cold water and leave it for 5-6 days for fermentation. Then the infusion is filtered, diluted 10 times and treated with a rose and the pouch zone. With an abundance of ticks, the Fitoverm acaricide helps well. They can be processed twice at weekly intervals, following the instructions on the package.

  3. Gleb Ivanovich

    Can watermelons in a greenhouse die due to a spider mite?

    • OOO "Sad"

      Yes, a spider mite is harmful to watermelons, especially if they are grown in a greenhouse. Where did he come from? Moved from other plants! There is only one advice: to keep seedlings away from other plants - this will protect both watermelons and plants that are surrounded.


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