1. Oleg

    Four years ago, the old apple-tree White filling, which my father once planted, suddenly began to throw off leaves at the end of August. The next season, she did not “wake up,” with the exception of one small shoot, moving away from the dead trunk at a height of about half a meter from the ground. I was surprised at this and decided to experiment by cutting down a dried tree at about this level.

    And the surviving that same single escape began to develop quite powerfully.
    Last spring, bloomed violently, tying about 15 fruits. And after all, he grew to a height of only about one and a half meters! My joy knew no bounds, but when the fruits finally began to pour, I was a little depressed.
    The fact is that these apples in appearance did not resemble the White filling: they were elongated, dark green and with spots of “blush” on the sides. The only reassurance was that the size of the fruit was impressive. True, they ripened for a very long time and by mid-October remained still very firm. I took them off at the very end of autumn, almost before the frost. And the taste of these fruits turned out to be quite acidic. Is this really a wild bird from an old apple tree? And is it about half a meter above the ground? Or is there still hope that the updated apple tree will change its mind? After all, it was where the author said that after he began to intensively care for the tree, the taste of the fruits changed for the better. And if you do not change your mind, do you need to be vaccinated with another variety?


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