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  1. Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

    I agree that winter garlic can be planted in strawberries, but at the end of ripening it does not need to be watered and it is advisable to open the head, and strawberries after picking berries, on the contrary, need to be fed and watered at this time to lay flower buds. Therefore, I plant most of the garlic in a separate bed. I also planted a few heads, without separating them into slices, as an experiment.

    Yes, the garlic did not grow large, but good. In general, I wanted to see if this is how fan garlic is grown. I also buried the whole seeds, I’ll see what happens: I don’t dig out the third year, a forest of thin garlic stalks sprouts.


    About growing winter garlic, more precisely, about when and why to cut off his arrows.
    I plant winter garlic in early November on root days. I cover the beds with corn stalks for better snow retention (see photo). In the spring, after opening the beds, I feed the garlic with a solution of ammonium nitrate (10-15 g per 10 liters of water), and after two to three weeks I feed it with phosphorus-potassium fertilizers.

    At the beginning of July, winter garlic begins to release arrows, and if you miss the moment and do not remove them, the heads will stop growing and begin to spend all their strength and nutrition on ripening the seeds in the arrows. After removing the arrowhead, the head of garlic begins to grow again.
    You need to cut the arrows with a garden pruner, carefully so as not to harm the bush, directly above the last leaf, leaving a small stump.
    It is categorically impossible to pull out the arrows, since a void will appear in the stems, into which both pests and pathogens and moisture can fall - then the garlic can rot. It is best to remove the arrows in the morning on a sunny day, so that the cut dries quickly until the evening.
    I want to give advice: leave two or three bushes in the garden, choosing the most underdeveloped stems: large heads will no longer work out of them, but as a signal for harvesting they are perfect.
    The timing of harvesting is no less important: with an early harvest, we will not receive a harvest that will not survive, and a late harvest will contribute to decay and poor storage. The signal for harvesting is the straightening of the arrow and the opening of the garlic chambers.

    Winter and spring garlic: the difference in cultivation + the best varieties

  3. Svetlana

    Any garlic is still divided into arrowhead and non-arrowhead. 90% of the population of our country grows arrowhead garlic (No. 1 in photo 1). They write about him in almost every issue. Everyone knows that there is an arrowhead in the middle, and there are seeds on it. There is also non-shooting winter garlic (No. 2 in photo 1). I removed all the covering scales so that you can see - there is no arrow inside.

    Indeed, a thickening appears above the head itself (photo 2), and in it small bulbs. This thickening can be near the head or slightly higher. This year, they have grown at a considerable distance (7-12 cm). There are very few such heads with "babies" - about 10% of the total.
    We can assume that by disassembling these mini-heads (No. 3 in photo 1) and planting them, it will be possible to rejuvenate the garlic variety, but all my attempts were unsuccessful. A single-tooth does not grow from such a baby - a very small head grows.
    Therefore, I breed with the outer, largest teeth. I share the head no earlier than two weeks before the first freeze on the soil: our winters are warm, and frosts occur only after the New Year, and even then not every winter.
    As far back as I can remember, we have always grown this garlic. Its taste is softer than that of the shooter. I don’t know the name of the variety, since it was still grown by my grandmother Tanya in st. Ivanovskaya. And since 1994, this garlic has settled with me.
    Spring garlic can also be shot and non-shot. The one we plant in spring has no arrow. But guys, "forget" him in the ground for the winter, and next year he will give an arrow! I often do this for strawberries - from a weevil.

    Winter and spring garlic: the difference in cultivation + the best varieties


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