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  1. Pavlina ORISHICH

    For 5 years now I have been growing repair raspberries of the varieties Heracles and Zyugan.
    Landed in early May. Superphosphate was previously poured into the hole on the bayonet of a shovel (dosage - about half the matchbox). Before planting, the roots of a seedling were dipped in a clay mash. The distance between the bushes is 40 cm, between the rows - 2 m.
    Beginning in the third year, in September, I necessarily dig and thin out extra shoots to avoid thickening and chopping of berries. I cut thin stems under the ground. I thin raspberries of Zyugan variety annually (grows rapidly), and Hercules - every two years.

    In October, I mow the whole aerial part of the motocosa, pour one and a half buckets of compost on top of each bush, adding superphosphate or ammofos-sku (matchbox).

    • OOO "Sad"

      During the autumn planting of raspberries, phosphorus-potassium fertilizers must be added to the soil, and for the spring, they must be prepared in advance, be sure to close up nitrogen fertilizers for digging (all dosages are on the package) to stimulate plant growth and development.
      Copyright: it is better to cut off the shoots that have taken off in the fall after the onset of stable frosts and immediately burn them. But thinning the bushes is better in the spring. But at the same time, you do not need to dig them out, but only you need to remove the extra shoots (in the "netting" stage 10-15 cm high), leaving IQ-12 pieces per 1 linear meter. As a result of such thinning, raspberries will be stronger and more productive.
      Olga EMELYANOVA, Cand. agricultural sciences


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