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  1. Lyudmila MASTEROVA

    If grassy peonies have brown spots along the edges of the leaves, the buds turn black and dry, then they are affected by gray rot (botritis). At the same time, part of the flowers may bloom on one side, but still they look ugly and eventually dry out. The shoots on which I find such signs, twist, raking the ground at the base, and burn. I pour the soil under the bush with copper sulfate (according to the instructions). In August, I completely dig out the plant, examine the root system, divide it into parts, remove the rotten roots and sprinkle the cuts with charcoal. Then the delenki, cutting the shoots at a height of 10-15 cm, completely dip in the solution of the drug "Maxim" (according to the instructions, he also spills the soil at the places of planting) and planted. In the future, for the prevention of gray rot I use every 3 weeks during the season one of the biological products (Fitosporin, Alirin, Gamair, according to the instructions).

    Do not plant peonies too close together, the bushes should be well ventilated. Avoid planting in heavy, waterlogged areas with acidic soils.

  2. Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

    There are several varieties in my garden ... a grassy peony, my favorite is Varenka with pink double flowers and a delicate lime aroma.
    In early spring, I carefully rake the old mulch from the bushes and remove the weeds. In early April, I prepare a nutrient mixture of dolomite flour (1 kg) and boric acid (7-8 g). I scatter it around without getting on the shoots, and immediately plant it in the soil to a depth of 10-15 cm (100-150 g of the prepared mixture per 1 running meter is enough). Top dressing reduces the acidity of the soil, and also stimulates the vital activity of beneficial microorganisms and annelids. You can add Kemira Combi fertilizer (a handful) to it. And it’s useful to sprinkle mature compost with a thin layer along the perimeter of the bushes.

    I disinfect the soil with a solution of potassium permanganate (3 g of powder / bucket of water). A week later, I spray the plantings with 2% Bordeaux liquid - for the prevention of gray rot.

    • Victor RUSSIAN

      to bloom magnificently
      In the middle-end of April, I feed with a solution of urea (35-45 g / 10 l of water).
      In May - with a 1% solution of succinic acid (I dissolve 1 g of crushed tablet in 1 l of water), into which I add a spoon of grated laundry soap for better adhesion to the leaves.
      Before flowering, I treat peonies with mullein infusion (1:20). I change the concentration taking into account weather conditions: after the rain, the earth is still wet, so I make the "mother" infusion stronger; if dry, still dilute with water - 1: 2. On 1 square meter I bring a bucket of infusion.
      Also used are infusions of potato peelings (contain potassium), eggshells (potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc).

      I water generously in May and early June so that the roots are well saturated with moisture. Norma - 3 buckets per adult bush every 10 days. And loosen the surface of the soil while it’s wet.


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