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  1. Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

    In February, I do not forget about the seeds laid on the stratification. Every two weeks I mix them, I monitor the humidity of the substrate. I usually use 3-5 liter plastic containers with lids for stratification. In the covers and side walls I drill holes for ventilation. If this is not done, the seeds may become moldy and rot.

  2. Alexander ZASULIN

    Carefully inspect each bush, especially currants: often a lot of snow accumulates in the center of the crown (if the shoots were not tied in the autumn). As a result, the branches will begin to lean to the ground and break. The solution is simple - sweep the snow caps with a broom.
    By the way, heavy snowfalls are not excluded during this period, so the same currant or gooseberry can be tied with twine, turning the bushes into something similar to a sheaf.


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