1. Vera

    For the last few years I have been able to grow good beets. I noticed that this does not require any special worries.
    The main thing is not to interfere with the growth of beets. Do not loosen, do not weed and just do not touch!
    You only need to do four things. I sow seeds directly into the ground. In my region (Northwest), this is the beginning of May. As soon as three or four real leaves appear, I feed it with a solution of ammonia (2-3 tablespoons per 10 liters of water) and spud. Ammonia is probably the cheapest fertilizer at the moment.
    After that, the beets grow quickly, the leaves grow stronger and turn green. If necessary, I repeat the feeding in two weeks. After that, I spud the beets and mulch with the cut dried grass in a layer of about 10 cm. After the lawn mower, the grass is small and dries quickly. Everything! The departure is over. Beets grow by leaps and bounds, weeds do not appear. The only thing is that in a dry summer you will sometimes have to water it, but under the mulch, the ground does not really dry out.

    The largest root crop this year weighs 980 g. Cylindra and Bordeaux varieties were planted. In previous years, she planted only Bordeaux, but for some reason it was in the neighborhood of each other that both varieties gave such a rich harvest.


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