1. Anna

    When preparing containers for growing cucumbers on the windowsill, I proceed from the calculation that for each plant there should be at least five liters of soil. Therefore, I choose for this either large flower pots, or cut-off plastic bottles of the right volume.

    At the bottom of each tank I put a layer of expanded clay 34 cm thick for drainage,
    and then I pour in fertile soil taken from the garden, but not to the very top, not reaching 4-5 cm to the edges. Well, then I still bring in 1 tbsp. l nitrophoski and 1 tsp. magnesium sulfate. During fruiting, I feed the plants once a week with a solution of mineral fertilizers (1 tsp. To 3 l. Water), spending it in a glass for each bush.
    On the windows I have built of wire attached to the opposite slopes with the help of self-tapping screws, trellises, to which I tie the whips of cucumbers with twine. At the same time, three or four plants are placed on the window sills about a meter and a half wide.
    And under the window leaves I attach parallel sheets of hardboard parallel to the windowsills and the entire width of the windows. What for? And so that when airing, cold air does not "pour" directly on the cucumbers. The windows themselves are carefully glued.

    Pollination is done manually by female flowers. I plant seeds since February 20. I mainly use parthenocarpic hybrids Amazon F1, Amur F1, Anyuta F1, Aelita F1, Emelya F1 and Regina F1. Try to grow cucumbers in the apartment you will get very great pleasure!
    Of course, on the windowsills I place lamps for plant illumination.


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