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  1. Egor Malinovsky, Samara

    I know that as soon as cauliflower inflorescences begin to form, it will need to be shaded. Are there still vegetables that should be shaded? How, when and who needs this procedure?

    • OOO "Sad"

      - Cauliflower shade to grow snow-white dense heads. As soon as the first ovaries appear, without tearing, break one of the largest leaves along the central vein and lay it on the inflorescence. If done correctly, the sheet will not dry out, it will not be blown away by the wind, and it will continue to grow. In addition to cauliflower, white is valued for asparagus, leek and cyclic salads.

      Bleached cyclic salads are less bitter, and their leaves are more crispy. 2 weeks before harvesting, place the plants under buckets, pots, cardboard. Shelter should not let in even diffused light (black spanbond will not work: it shines through).
      Asparagus sprouts and the lower part of the stem of leeks are bleached with regular hilling to the growth point (every 7-10 days). The white parts of the plants are more tender, there are fewer fibers.


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