1. Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

    Until the beets are ripe
    In late spring and early summer, there is still little greenery. To make up for its lack, for several years now, in the first days of April, I have been sowing chard in greenhouses.
    She paid attention to the chard out of necessity. I am diabetic and have to take medication. I read that the chard plant helps those suffering from this disease. Convinced of that from my own experience. And once having planted this culture, I now sow it annually.
    The main thing is not to thicken the planting so that the leaves do not shrink, but grow large and juicy. I eat chard leaves and stalks mostly fresh, as well as carcasses. I tried to freeze petioles packed in bags for future use - it turns out well. I chose the green-tailed form, I liked this chard more than the red-leafed one. So, I eat and heal at the same time.
    L. Bukina Petrozavodsk


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