1. Elena Golubeva, Smolensk

    I fed indoor tomatoes of the Balcony Miracle variety with a tea brew, but, apparently, did not close it deep enough, Drosophila flies appeared. Can they damage indoor plants? How to get rid of annoying tenants?

    • OOO "Sad"

      - The development period of Drosophila flies from egg laying to the release of an adult insect: about 10 days at +25 deg .; about 20 days - at +18 deg. Insects feed on rotting fruits and vegetables, in which females lay eggs (up to 400 pieces per life).
      They do not harm plants, but leave dirty marks on furniture and other surfaces.
      Therefore, as soon as you notice the flies, check the blanks, garlic and onions. Wash dishes immediately after eating.
      Remove all spoiled fruits and vegetables, as well as remove garbage in a timely manner.


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