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  1. Nadezhdo CHIRKOVA, dendrologist, Izhevsk

    The end of summer is the best time for any type of lawn. In order for grass seeds to germinate successfully, it is necessary to prepare a dense bed for them, on top of which there will be 2-3 cm of loose soil.

    Operating procedure
    First you need to dig, level and roll the soil.
    A week before sowing, scatter (preferably in the rain) over the surface a complex fertilizer with a predominance of nitrogen.
    On a windless day, sow the seeds, scattering them in a fan, first along the plot, then across. And lightly rake into the soil.
    Sprinkle on top with a thin layer of peat and walk with a special roller for the lawn, otherwise the seeds will be blown away by the wind.
    Water by sprinkling. Further, you need to moisten only in drought.

    Herbs to choose from
    For a low green cover, the seeds of meadow bluegrass, red fescue, bent grass, and comb are mixed. These plants perfectly tolerate frequent low mowing, are not afraid of trampling, and after 2 years they form a dense dense sod.

  2. Sergey ANDREEV

    To make the lawn look well-groomed, in the middle of summer, I mow the grass on time, water it and, if necessary, feed it with liquid nitrogen fertilizer (according to the instructions).
    Sow thistle and dandelion seeds germinate in July. At this stage, weeds are easier to get rid of, so after rain or watering, I weed the grass stand. And when there is no time, I use selective herbicides "Lontrel" or "Lintur" (according to the instructions), which kill aggressors and do not harm lawn grasses.

    Don't water your lawn too often - the water will wash nutrients out of the fertile layer.
    Usually, at the height of summer, the grass should grow at least 7-10 cm in two weeks. If it grows slowly, feed it with a solution of complete mineral fertilizer (according to the instructions).


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