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  1. Raisa SMIRNOVA, Smolensk

    My grandmother taught me garden tricks from childhood. I adhere to some rules even now.

    Cabbage harvested in October is sweeter than the one harvested in September. And it is better to ferment cabbage "for a young month" - then it turns out to be both tasty and crispy.
    As soon as the leaves of the elm turn yellow, it's time to sow winter rye.
    If the vegetables in the garden gave a lot of leaves and few fruits - next year you need to sow root seeds here: the harvest will be excellent!

  2. Olga BABCHUK, Moscow region, Yandex-Zen "Posad"

    It is believed that weeds need to be weeded out before the summer solstice (June 21).
    But there is a date that stands apart in the national calendar - this is Dorofeev's Day (June 18). Our ancestors believed that weeds would no longer appear on the site where they were weeded that day.
    For several years now, having learned about this sign, I have been trying to devote Dorofeev's day to combating weeds. Naturally, it is impossible to weed the entire garden and vegetable garden “under tweezers” in one day (I have 20 acres). I get rid only of malicious perennial weeds with powerful roots and annoyingly growing in very "indecent" places (such as flower beds).
    The year before last, I suddenly noticed that the bindweed, which had entangled the whole bush, which greatly bothered me in the currants, had disappeared. Yes, and last season I watched the site and realized: the omen really works. It is possible, however, that mulch also has a positive effect, with which I immediately try to close the cleaned trunks, aisles, and beds.

  3. Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

    Signs of the month of May
    The bird cherry blossomed - the cold came. Although its early flowering portends a hot summer.
    If the birch is the first to go down by May 20, the summer will be dry, and the alder or maple will be wet.
    A clear sunrise on May 13 heralds a warm summer. The night is warm and starry - expect a good harvest.
    If May is cold, the year is expected to be fertile.
    On May 24, the sunrise is crimson, and during the day it will rain - the summer will be wet and thunderstorm.
    Late flowering of mountain ash - towards late and long autumn.
    A wide leaf of a nymph appeared on the surface of the reservoir - there will be no more frosts.
    Rainy May - by dry autumn.
    Red dawn - the winds will bring bad weather.
    At night the moon is cloudy and pale - expect rain or frost in the morning.

  4. Julia PIROGOVA, Pavlograd

    I remember how my grandmother taught my mother, and later my mother taught me: "Every plant needs feeding, but all the greens have their own rhythm of life, so they need to be fed on time."

    From childhood, I learned a simple rule: crops that grow during the day (onions, cucumbers, zucchini, pumpkins) should be fed in the morning. But tomatoes, potatoes, beets, carrots "whet your appetite" after dinner. Then they need to be fed.
    By the way, she taught her friends this trick. They were also pleased with the result. Maybe it will come in handy for you.

  5. Yuri Alexeev

    DIY spruce barometer

    We are always interested in the upcoming weather. For this, there are meteorological forecasts, but they are given for a wide area, and sometimes you need to know what the weather will be like where we are at the moment. In this situation, the fir barometer helps me out.
    People who live near the forest have noticed that spruce is a good weather predictor. If its branches (even dry ones) are lowered, then it will rain soon. If they are raised high, there will be clear sunny weather. Before manufacturing, I drew a sketch of the barometer (see fig. On page 15). From the tree I cut off the upper part about 1 cm thick, 10-15 cm long, with a branching knot 32 cm long.I determined by experience that with such a length, the deviation of the branch by V '5 cm up or down indicates exactly the established certain weather. On a piece of plywood 20 × 35 cm, I drew a scale and, opposite it, fixed the prepared spruce indicator as shown in the figure. The barometer is ready.

  6. Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

    National signs

    In July, clouds in the sky in stripes - it will rain.
    If the grass is dry in the morning, expect rain by night.
    The rainbow appeared in the morning - to rain, in the afternoon - to improve the weather.
    Strong dew - on a clear day. The strong crackle of grasshoppers in July portends dry weather.


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