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  1. Natalia KLAKOTSKA, Cand. of sciences

    Take away the mustache on the strawberries

    In June, strawberries (strawberry garden) grows a mustache, so do not forget to remove them in a timely manner, leaving only for seedlings.
    If the beds have not been mulched before, then it is not too late to cover the soil under the bushes with dried grass, wood sawdust, and straw. So you protect the berries from pollution and damage by gray rot. And do not forget about regular weeding and loosening.

  2. Oksana GONCHAROVA

    At the beginning and end of flowering, I fertilize strawberries with nettle infusion. This is a real healing elixir for plants! I cut the nettles until seeds appear, finely chop them and put them in a plastic barrel, filling it with a third of the volume. I fill it with water, cover it and insist for a week, stirring regularly. I dilute the concentrated composition before application with water (1:10). And after top dressing, I am abundantly watered with water.

  3. Natalia ANDROSIK

    The first years when I started growing strawberries, I thought that this plant was not for me: as soon as the bushes bloomed, the middle of the flowers blackened, and the berries, if they were tied, were small or ugly. What is the reason, none of my friends could tell me. Therefore, when I saw a woman in the market who was selling large and beautiful strawberries in buckets, she came up without hesitation and asked what was the secret of her excellent harvest.

    She shared an unusual recipe that I tried the next season. And - lo and behold! - not a single clumsy berry! Since then, strawberries and I have been collecting buckets. О Now the recipe itself: at the beginning of flowering in a 40-liter water barrel, I breed a large bottle of tar (330 ml), one vial of iodine and fir oil, 1 liter of mullein solution (1:10), 10 g of boric acid. Then I dissolve a glass of this mixture in 10 l of water, filter and spray strawberries (again - in August). By the way, I also process fruit trees and berry bushes with this tool - and save plants from pests.

  4. Anna ROMANOVA, Moscow region

    Sometimes my strawberries were watery and unsweetened, especially when the weather was rainy in late spring and early summer. The way out was suggested by a neighbor who has a large “strawberry” experience. Near our sites there is a pond. In recent years, a man has been collecting several buckets of duckweed from it and spreading this mass around strawberry bushes with a layer of 2-3 cm, filling it with soil. So he does at the end of May and then back in mid-summer, when the pond is very shallow and you can collect the necessary amount of sludge. Strawberries from such care become much stronger, which, of course, affects the harvest - the berries grow large, sweet.

    TIP: By the way, pond silt mixed with land is also useful for spreading under fruit trees and berry bushes.

  5. Irina Yaremenko

    During the flowering of strawberries, I frighten off a plantation of raspberry-strawberry weevil with an infusion of garlic. 200-300 g of crushed cloves pour 10 liters of water, mix, insist for a day, filter. I spray the bushes every night.

    Slugs with snails also bring a lot of problems. To prevent these pests from moving, sprinkle the ground around the plants and between the rows with crushed egg shells, fine gravel, ash, coffee grounds, hot pepper powder.

  6. Vera LIPAI

    At the beginning of flowering of strawberries, I water the bushes with an infusion of ash (1 tbsp. Per 1 liter of boiling water, after cooling, I dilute in 10 l of water) - 0,5 l per plant. Ash is rich in potassium, phosphorus and trace elements. Phosphorus is needed as a reserve for the future, but potassium strawberries are very necessary now.

    It regulates the metabolism, promotes the accumulation of sugars in berries. After 4-5 days, be sure to spray the leaves with a solution of boric acid (2 g of powder pour 1 tbsp of boiling water (!), After cooling, I bring the volume of the composition to 5 l and pour into a sprayer). I work in dry, calm weather in the late afternoon, when there is no longer any active sun. Such foliar top dressing stimulates fruit set (there will be less empty flowers) and protects bushes from fungal diseases.


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