1. Sofya LAVROVA, Belgorod region

    For all the drought tolerance of apricots, young seedlings need to be abundantly watered in May-June, so that they develop a powerful crown. Later I stop additional watering so as not to provoke excessive growth of shoots that have not matured before winter, which will freeze in the cold.
    During spring pruning (March) I form a crown, the height and width of which is no more than 3 m. In early August, strong non-lignified flexible shoots (more than 0,5 m long) bend a third into a half ring and fix to the stem with a wire (I take it off in the spring of next year ) So I regulate the small size of the tree, and this technique also speeds up the laying of fruit buds and their fruiting.

    Of all the apricot varieties, my favorite is the columnar Prince. The first fruits on seedlings appear already in the 2nd year after planting. The prince is ideal for beginners, as he is not fastidious in care and does not require a pollinator (he is self-fertile). In late July - early August, tree branches are strewn with apricots of 30-40 g each.


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