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    In the homeland of the tree peony, in China, this plant is planted and transplanted exclusively on the day of the autumn equinox (September 22-23 ± 1 day). But in warm weather, you can settle the flower of the emperors in the garden in early October.
    For a tree peony, I choose a sunny place, protected from wind and stagnant moisture. The plant does not tolerate crowding: a neighbor planted a bush too close to the wall of the house, and it soon withered. I dig a hole up to 80 cm deep, pour a layer of gravel, sand or
    chipped brick at least 30 cm.Gently straighten the roots, bury the seedling in the planting hole so that the root collar is at the level of the soil, and fill it with a mixture of equal parts of earth, peat, compost, sand with the addition of 1 tbsp. ash and 1 tbsp. superphosphate.

    With the arrival of frost, I spud the bush with sawdust or peat with a layer of 10-15 cm and cover it with burlap.

  2. Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

    1. Plants are still young or planted in small divisions. They need to get stronger, gain strength. You can expect good flowering for 3-4 years.

    2. Old, weakened bushes also bloom poorly. In the second half of August, they need to be dug up, divided and planted in fresh soil filled with organic matter (it is better to prepare a hole a month before planting). Renewal buds from the soil surface should be no deeper than 5 cm and no smaller than 3 cm.

    3. Shady place or unsuitable soil moisture. It is necessary to transplant the bush to an open, sunny place, protected from cold winds. It should not be flooded with water even for a short time. With a close occurrence of groundwater, peonies should be planted in bulk beds. Flowering does not happen even with a lack of moisture in the soil (in drought, you need from 30 liters per adult bush - once a week).

    Tree peony - planting and care from A to Z, tips for growing growers

  3. Angelica Kinshakova

    A year ago I bought and planted peonies. But this season, the plants upset me: small bushes, and besides, there were no buds. What to do to make the peonies grow a good green mass and finally please with lush flowering?

    • OOO "Sad"

      - Give your seedlings some more time. Before laying generative (flower) shoots, the first two years after planting, peonies build up a vegetative mass. But if there is no flowering even after a year, the bushes may have been planted incorrectly, at the wrong depth. On heavy soil, delenki with 2-3 well-formed buds are buried by 5 cm, on light soil - by 7 cm, so that the bud located on the rhizome is covered with a layer of soil about 3-4 fingers thick. And with a deeper planting, the flowering of peonies can be delayed for several years until the root system grows. If you have deeply buried the bushes, transplant them in late summer and early autumn.

  4. Larisa Kunitsyna, Yalta

    Advise how to get rid of black ants on peonies?

    • OOO "Sad"

      - If on peonies you saw back and forth red-yellow sod or black ants, this is a sure sign that plants are already inhabited by aphids, because ants feed on their sweet secretions, sometimes eating petals.

      Control measures
      Spill the soil around the bushes with a solution of Anteater (1 ml per 10 liters of water). If you find an anthill - spill it with a solution of the drug Thunder, Thunder-2 or Ant (20-30 g per 10 square meters).
      Some gardeners pour boiling water over an accumulation of ants on the ground and then take them out with a shovel along with the soil. Repeat this procedure several times until they are completely destroyed (if the ant colony is in the immediate vicinity of the peonies).
      In addition, ants can be sprinkled with boric acid.
      Sod and black ants carry from one bush to another aphid. In this case, before or after flowering, spray peonies with Fufano, Actellik or Spark (according to instructions).
      Against aphids, you can use tobacco infusion (50 g per 10 l of water) with the addition of 50 g of planed laundry soap.

  5. Antonina POPOVSKAYA. Krasnodar region

    Let's save peonies from gray rot

    After flowering, peonies fall off the petals. I sweep them out from under the bushes, otherwise they can rot from excess moisture, which can lead to the development of a fungal disease - gray rot. And it is better to remove faded flowers in time so that seeds are not tied (this weakens the plant).

  6. Tamara GOLTSEVA

    To peonies bloom magnificently

    I grow peonies for many years and am ready to share my secrets for caring for plants. These tricks are simple, but thanks to them I enjoy gorgeous colors every season.
    Watering and loosening the soil
    I don’t pour water right under the bush. I dig a 10 cm deep groove around the plant and pour 2 buckets of water into it. In hot weather I water peonies every 7 days. After watering, gently loosen the soil.

    When the buds appear, scatter the nutrient mixture under the bush on moistened soil (0,5 tbsp ammonium nitrate and superphosphate, 1/3 tbsp potassium salt) and plant in the soil. I repeat feeding during flowering. As soon as the peonies fade, under the digging I bring under the bush 0,5 tbsp. superphosphate and 1/3 tablespoon potassium salt.
    Bud removal
    With the beginning of wilting, I cut flowers, without waiting for the petals to fall. But with the buds of young peonies I do this: in the first year after planting, I leave only 1 -2 buds, I cut off the rest; for the second year I leave already a few; three years later I give the peony to show its beauty in full.

  7. Natalia CHEMINA, pionovod. Moscow city

    Peony makeup
    Immediately after flowering, feed peonies - 1/2 tbsp. superphosphate and 1/3 tablespoon potassium salt on the bush. Fertilizers must be mixed, evenly scattered under the bushes and sealed in the soil with a rake. This will contribute to the laying of buds of renewal and good flowering next year.
    To enhance the development of the root system, it is useful to pour young peonies with a solution of sodium humate (5 g / 10 l of water) or “Heteroauxin” (2 tablets / 10 l of water).


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