1. Ekaterina NOVAK, Tver

    They say about the Cordana rose that this is a bouquet in a pot for a couple of days. And I was already ready to agree with this statement, because I twice bought adorable bushes in miniature pots and both times they did not survive. My task was to preserve the plant until spring, when it can be transplanted into open ground. But for the Cordana rose, indoor conditions with dry air are destructive.

    And so I decided on a third attempt. At the end of July, she brought home another plant. For a couple of days he had to languish in the apartment. Immediately, she freed the rose from the inflorescences, arranged a cool shower and chose a bright place on the balcony. And at the first opportunity she took him to the dacha and dropped him off into the garden.

    The rosette tolerated the transplant well and soon presented it with a bud. I cut it off so that the plant does not waste energy and grow roots. In mid-September, flowering was repeated, but the buds were no longer cut off.
    The baby overwintered well. With cover, of course.


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