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  1. Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

    I like to grow unusual varieties of vegetables and herbs. If, for example, tomatoes, then necessarily all colors - white, green, black, orange, lemon, well, and traditional red.

    This year I planted the Golden Bast variety - yellow ribbed - for testing. When he started to keep up, the first thing I went to admire the tomatoes - how beautiful they are! I planted only three bushes, but they turned out to be very fruitful. I also prefer unusual eggplants and peppers: striped, white, round and oval. Peppers are also different.

  2. OOO "Sad"

    Why are colorful tomatoes healthier than regular ones? How do they taste? Which variety should you choose? Let's take a closer look.

    Green tomatoes

    Chlorophyll makes them that way. The most amazing thing about green tomatoes is that they are much sweeter than red ones, and most importantly, they slow down the aging process.
    Popular varieties: Lemon sparkle, Gostinets, Siberian kiwi. There is also Black pineapple with fruits weighing 1 kg, combining green and pink colors.

    Yellow and orange tomatoes

    Strong antioxidants due to high content
    keeping carotene. Varieties: Apricotine, Orange Pepper, Yellow Bison, Orange Bison. The exotic variety H-34ROT has absolutely unique violet-orange fruits.

    Black tomatoes

    The color is determined by anthocyanins, which strengthen the walls of blood vessels, destroy harmful microorganisms, cure colds, protect against oncology and aging.
    The most common is Black Bison. Also good are the Azure giant, the Black bunch, everyone's envy and Sirius.


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