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  1. Margarita, Novorossiysk

    If properly planted, clematis will grow and bloom profusely for over 50 years.
    I plant clematis until mid-September. For landing, you need to choose a place not too wet (they do not like a lot of water) and well protected from the northern winds. Dig a hole 60 × 60 cm in size. To a depth of 70 cm. Pour drainage (10 cm) of crushed brick or expanded clay onto the bottom. Prepare a potting mix in equal parts fertile soil, sand, compost, or rotted manure. You can add sod land and peat. I also add 2 cups of wood ash and dolomite flour to the mixture, a liter jar of bone meal.

    Mix, fill the hole (tamping down the layers) flush with the soil on the site. Then dig a hole the size of the pot. Transfer the seedling along with the earthy clod. Water generously and cover with non-woven material for 15-20 days. I am sure that clematis will thank you for such care with abundant and long flowering.

  2. Elena FEDOTOVA, Samara

    Clematis wake up: it's time to feed
    In spring, clematis begin the growing season at temperatures above +5 degrees. By this time, I gradually remove the shelter, and examine the shoots: I completely cut off the weak and damaged ones, and shorten the healthy ones to a living pair of buds and distribute them on the trellis.

    I remove last year's mulch to treat the bases of the shoots and the ground around the bushes with a solution of copper sulfate (100 g per 10 liters of water). Then I pour a fresh layer of sand (2-3 cm) mixed with ash and crushed charcoal into the trunk circle (1-2 tablespoons of ash and a liter jar of coal on a bucket of sand).

  3. Maria Voytik

    A couple of years ago, she planted clematis near the house, but the plant does not develop well, it blooms poorly. What is the reason?

    • OOO "Sad"

      - Before planting clematis, pay special attention to the selection of a place - look for a sunny, but shaded at noon. The western and eastern sides of the house, fences or gazebos, preferably protected from the prevailing winds, will do.
      Do not place the plant too close to a solid metal fence - it will suffer from overheating and may die.
      In shaded areas and where water flows from roofs, culture will not develop.

      Clematis are large lianas. Stems reach 3-4 m; during the growing season, a powerful root system is formed, penetrating deep into the soil. Therefore, it is so important to prepare a pit for planting: autumn - in spring or summer, spring - in October.
      Choose the soil light or medium loamy, fertile, loose. The location of groundwater is at least 1 m from the surface, without stagnation of melt and rainwater.
      With good fertile soil, dig a hole 60x60x60 cm, on poorly cultivated heavy soil - 70x70x70 cm.If clay - arrange drainage. To do this, deepen the hole 10-15 cm and put broken brick, pebbles or rubble on the bottom. Then pour in a mixture consisting of the removed soil from the top layer, compost (1,5-2 buckets) and sand (1-2 buckets). The heavier the soil, the more loosening agent you will need. Stir in 50 g of double superphosphate, 50 g of potassium sulfate, 200 g of wood ash and 200 g of chalk (per plant). If the pit has been prepared in the fall, the soil will sag by the spring, and after the soil has completely thawed and the heat has come, clematis can be planted.

      Inna STARTSEVA, agronomist, Novy Posad

  4. Angelina Primakova

    When planting clematis in a composition, do their roots need partitions in the ground? I planted it in early autumn without them, and now they are taking doubts. Maybe in early spring, somehow divide, until the roots have grown?

    • OOO "Sad"

      - They do not need partitions, but the distance between the plants must be observed: for graceful, medium-sized bushes - at least 1 m, for tall and powerful ones - from 1,5 m.
      In my experience, it was so that at first I planted one-year-old seedlings after 80 cm, and then a year later I had to replant.
      Separate "apartments" (for example, a fence with a curb tape) are needed only when planting clematis to roses, conifers, deciduous trees. The partition prevents large plants from oppressing clematis and directs their root system inward.

      Lyudmila OREKHOVA, owner of the nursery, Shakhty

  5. Vitaly Protasevich

    I want to sow clematis seeds for seedlings at the end of November.
    Where is it better to place crops and how to care for seedlings?
    When will the seedlings bloom?

    • OOO "Sad"

      - Keep crops in a dark basement at + 2-4 degrees, watering the substrate 1-2 times a week. The first shoots will appear in late February and early March. After that, transfer the container with them to a cool, bright room with a temperature of + 13-15 degrees, where seed germination is activated.
      Seedlings dive about two weeks after germination in a mixture of compost soil and peat (2: 1). At the end of April, they are taken out to a greenhouse or greenhouse for hardening. And they are planted in open ground when the threat of frost has passed.
      With this agricultural technique, for example, K. tangut (Clematis tangutica) by September in a greenhouse grows up to 1 m, and in the open field - up to 30-40 cm and even blooms.
      If the seeds are sown before winter on a garden bed (or in a container dug in the garden), where they will germinate for 1-2 years, then the seedlings will bloom, most likely in the 2-3rd year.
      Elena KUZMINA, agronomist, St. Petersburg


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