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  1. Anastasia ROMANCHIK, Gorki

    In September, when harvesting, I select the most beautiful and healthy roots of carrots, beets, parsley, parsnips, celery, and put them in a cellar in the sand.
    In the spring I plant it in the ground.
    I tie the first peduncles that appear on them in the summer to a support so that they do not break, and I remove all the small lateral ones.
    As soon as the inflorescences turn brown, I tie the testes in bunches and dry them in gauze bags or on paper.

  2. Zinaida

    I collect tomato seeds at the beginning of the season. I select the fruits from the second flower brush. I noticed: the later I collect the seeds, the more often the plants from them get sick.
    In addition, I collect seeds only from varietal plants. Harvesting hybrids are not suitable.

  3. Olga HVALKO, Svetlogorsk

    Pumpkin seeds - their seeds

    Seeds of pumpkins, watermelons, melons, squash, zucchini are collected from fully ripe fruits.
    I noticed that the highest quality seeds are in the middle part of the fruit.
    Seeds from slightly frozen fruits do not lose their germination.
    The extracted seeds are not mine, I just free them from the remnants of the pulp and dry them until they flow. I take into account that the thicker
    the seeds, the longer they dry. Therefore, I am in no hurry to put them in sealed jars: they can get moldy.
    Store in a dry place with a temperature of about +16 degrees, and moderate humidity in paper or cloth bags.


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