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  1. Anna Pulyaeva

    Tell me what happened to the plum. The tree was planted 3 years ago. And last summer, they noticed a crack, which was numb with a resinous liquid. How to help drain?

    • OOO "Sad"

      - The resulting ulcer with gum released on it is the result of damage to the bark of the tree trunk in the previous year. It could have been a minor mechanical scratch from a garden tool or the effects of a winter sunburn. What to do? In early spring, use a sharp knife to carefully scrape the ulcer down to healthy bark tissue. Then disinfect the resulting wound with a solution of copper (10-20 g per 1 l of water) or ferrous sulfate (50 g per 1 l of water), cover with a thin layer of garden varnish or oil paint on natural linseed oil and tie with 3-4 layers of natural fabric. Over the next year, the wound should heal.


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