Our street can rightfully be called Abrikosovaya, like Yuri Antonov's: "I will walk along Aprikosovaya, turn to Vinogradnaya ...", because every spring it is enveloped in white-pink clouds of flowering and fragrant apricot trees. They are in every yard.
    Apricot is a southerner by origin, so every leaf of the tree should just bathe in the sun (especially in the morning). That is why we "settled" our first seedling on a well-lit area on the south side of the house (a building or a fence serves as a good protection from cold northern winds).
    For future good yields, it is necessary to correctly form the crown: in the spring I shorten 3-1 lateral shoots of a 2-year-old apricot seedling on the main branches, while leaving a knot of 5 cm (for strongly branching trees) or 15 cm (for weakly branching). Thus, I increase the annual growth of branches inside the crown. Next year, I cut off the most powerful shoot (leaving 10 cm), and the neighboring branches - by 1/3, later they grow overgrown with short shoots, where flower buds are formed. A year later, I shorten one of the branches by a twig, and all the rest again by 1/3. As a result of such pruning, the growth of the crown decreases, and the plant spends all its main strength on the formation of fruits (by the way, adult trees can be pruned in the summer, immediately after harvesting).

    There is one more secret on how to increase the yield of apricots. Once the tree is in bloom, try cutting off one half of the flowers. Do not regret, because sweeter, and most importantly, larger fruits will form from the remaining ovary. And next year, select fruits will grow on the other half of the tree, where the flowers were cut off last season.


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