1. Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

    I will share the work plan that my wife Tatyana Stepanovna and I have drawn up after numerous experiments, trial and error. Now we always adhere to this algorithm and no longer complain about the harvest.

    We plant seedlings in a greenhouse in May, focusing on the weather.
    After 12 days, we feed the plants by diluting 10 g of mullein in 300 liters of water.
    The next feeding is carried out only during the flowering of the second flower brushes, diluting 10 g of mullein in 300 liters of water and 0 tsp. boric acid.
    The third feeding - at the beginning of fruiting: dissolve in 10 liters of water 500 g of chicken manure and 1 tbsp. l. urea. Consumption of the solution during all three dressings: one liter for each plant.
    To accelerate fruiting, we spray the plantings during flowering with a solution of boric acid.

    Of the foliar dressings, the best is a manganese solution: 1 g per 1 liter of water.
    Watering from May to August: every four days. Water consumption: 10-20 liters per 1 sq. m. After watering, we must loosen the ground.
    We remove the stepsons when their length does not exceed 3 cm.

    Once a week we twist the tops of the bushes around the twine to which the plants are tied.


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