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  1. Ekaterina TULINOVA. Saint Petersburg

    Having bought a cutting of a miniature rose last fall, at first I did not believe that I would be able to grow a beauty in the winter garden. But when the shoot took root and began to grow, I realized that it was not so difficult. And I was absolutely delighted when the bush bloomed in spring.


    After the purchase, I planted the cuttings in universal soil and placed them under a lamp. It was lit from 18:23 to XNUMX:XNUMX throughout the autumn-winter period.

    Keeping temperature is + 18-20 degrees, without drafts (when ventilating, I keep it away from the window).

    In autumn and winter, once a month I fed the bush with special fertilizer for roses.
    Regularly (once a week) I spray the leaves of the plant with a spray bottle, sometimes adding a nutrient mixture to the water.

  2. Margarita PETROVA. Moscow region

    A miniature rose bush was presented to me by March 8th.
    The beauty pleased with lush flowering until autumn. And when it faded, a real test came for her - they turned on the heating. The tips of the plates began to dry out, the leaves curled up, the lower ones turned yellow and fell off. I put the plant on a pallet with wet expanded clay, sprayed it daily with tepid water. Somehow I waited for spring and gave the rose to a familiar summer resident. She digs in a pot with a plant for the summer in the garden, in the openwork shade of the trees. In autumn, it cuts the bush by 2/3 and puts it on an insulated veranda, where in winter it is + 5-8 degrees. And the beauty thanks the hostess for caring for the flowering. I'm glad you managed to save my gift!

    • OOO "Sad"

      The optimum temperature for wintering (until February-March) of a room rose is + 3-6 degrees. Lighting in this case does not matter. Watering is reduced, not allowing the earth to dry out completely. If there is no such opportunity for rest, the bush is left on the brightest and coolest (+ 15-17 degrees) windowsill. Or they light up so that the daylight hours are 12 hours, and then the rose will continue to grow and bloom. However, without a dormant period, the plant is severely depleted, which affects its lifespan and flowering. By the way, with a warm winter, pruning can be postponed to the end of winter.

      Alesya VORONTSOVA, collector, Brest

  3. Ludmila STASOVA

    Indoor roses growing on the windowsill create an atmosphere of paradise. I consider them unpretentious plants, but some conditions are still required for them.

    1. It is necessary to prepare a nutritious soil mixture. The most optimal, in my opinion (time-tested): 50% - greenhouse humus, 50% - clay and sand.
    2. The best place for growth and abundant flowering is a windowsill well-lit by the sun.
    3. Rosa does not like extreme, that is, changes in high and low temperatures, as well as when it is too hot or cold. Moderation is needed.
    4. In the summer I take the plant out on the balcony, and in the winter I put it near the heating source.
    Be sure to maintain the humidity of the air - the spray helps out.
    5. I water abundantly with water at room temperature, avoiding waterlogging, otherwise the beauty immediately reacts: the leaves "grow sad", and the flowers drop their petals.


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