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  1. N. Ryumina Moscow Region

    The plum in my garden does not bear fruit regularly. That is, the harvest, otherwise the cat cried. And I seem to be doing everything right. Advise how to achieve regular harvests?

    • OOO "Sad"

      First of all, pay attention to self-fertile plum varieties, they give excellent yields even without pollinating varieties. These are, for example, Hungarian Moscow, Krasny Shar, Alyonushka, Memory of Timiryazev, Early Dawn, Blue Gift, Sukhanovskaya. Good self-fertile varieties of Russian plum (cherry plum hybrid) bred by Academician of the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences G.V. Eremina Kuban Comet and Traveler.
      The yield is also strongly influenced by the stock or its absence. Experience shows that self-rooted seedlings, that is, grown from a green cuttings, bear fruit best. An example can be given: the mother plant of the cherry plum variety Zlato of the Scythians in the 6th year of life yielded 10 kg of fruits from the tree, the Nesmeyan variety - 15 kg, Chimchuk -40 kg from the tree. But then, when these varieties were grafted onto rootstocks that had little been tested for compatibility, the yield began to fluctuate sharply.

      But even a self-rooted or properly twisted plum on a good rootstock requires care, especially in our time, when the weather brings surprise after surprise. The unprecedented heat, for example, in 2010 led to so many diseases and pests that plant protection specialists grabbed their heads. Only 6 treatments had to be done for aphids, since the protective effect after each lasted no more than 10 days.
      Now a typical southern disease, moniliosis, has already spread widely in the gardens of the middle zone. The disease affects not only cherries, but also plums. Therefore, watch your trees carefully and take action in time.
      In addition, do not forget about shaping and proper agricultural practices. Then the harvests will delight every year.

      A. POLUNINA, agronomist


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