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  1. Viktor Anatolyevich KRYLOV, Leningrad Region, Sosnovy Bor

    A good increase in the yield of potatoes is provided by foliar feeding of plants during the budding period. I use a complex of trace elements for this purpose.

    Ash from burning sunflower stalks is very rich in potassium. Therefore, it is better to dry and burn them. Ash should be stored in a dry place in a container with a lid and used for plant nutrition.

    I take 10 g of copper, manganese and zinc sulfates, dissolve in 10 liters of water and spray the plantings. Consumption rate -1 l per 10 sq. m. Such additional nutrition increases the content of dry matter and starch in tubers.

  2. Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

    We have allocated a fairly large plot for potatoes in the field, 200 m from the house. In early May, we plow the land there and cut it into beds. Well, at 10, the main work begins. My faithful assistant in this matter is my wife Nadezhda Mikhailovna. So, I walk with my back forward along the beds and dig on them with a shovel every 30-32 cm holes 12-15 cm deep.And my wife follows me and carries two buckets: in one - ash mixed with humus, in the other - tubers ...
    Now in more detail. I dug a hole - I take a step back. The wife puts the buckets on the ground, scoops the nutrient mixture from the bucket with one hand and throws it into the hole. I use a shovel to mix the mixture with the earth, and Nadezhda Mikhailovna with her other hand puts into the hole either one large tuber or two small ones.

    I take another step back, dig the next hole, and with the excavated soil I cover the previous one with the potatoes laid in it. All movements are performed almost synchronously and have long been practiced. Therefore, we "close" the vast allotment in about four to five hours (with smoke breaks, of course) without rush and rush.


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