1. Albina Alexandrovna.

    We were convinced that potatoes are the most rewarding crop almost immediately, as soon as we became rural residents, and this was in 1985. We arrived at a new place, and the state farm allocated us 2 hundred square meters for a vegetable garden and 15 specifically for potatoes. It seemed surprising to us, but they did not argue: once they give it, take it, and then we'll figure it out. In the garden, we manually dug up the ground with shovels and made beds along the stretched laces. Well, the potato plant was plowed up with a tractor, which cut the land into large ridges - such an area cannot be manually cultivated with all the desire.
    So, what to plant there? We turned to the same state farm, and they sold us seed tubers for planting. But when we came to the storehouse and saw our "product", we were saddened: not young potatoes were waiting for us, but some shriveled, century-old women. Well, we think the board wanted to throw out these tubers left over from the sowing, but decided to get some benefit from them. What should I do? They took it and put it in high ridges. To be honest, they did not count on success especially because the landing dates were greatly delayed: it was May 30 on the calendar. However, shoots soon appeared, and we began to look after them: we regularly weeded the ridges and twice spud the plants with a tractor.
    And then came September. With bated breath, we watched the movement of the tractor, dragging the "digger" along our beds. And what? We were shocked: the soil under the potatoes shaken out of the ridges was almost invisible! We stand and think: well, where do we have so much good? And the tractor driver, looking at our thoughtful faces, shouted cheerfully: “Don't be shy! Sell ​​or rent surplus! Everyone here lives on the ground. " So our life began on this earth.

    Why am I telling all this? And to the fact that since then we have never been in a hurry to plant potatoes in early May. And always with good yields.


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