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    My article "Cucumbers in the Tunnel" about their cultivation in the open field was published in 2021, but in the summer I supplemented my method. When the plants have five or six true leaves, I dig five-liter bottles of water between the bushes, where they lie until the end of the season (photo).
    Tanks heat up during the day and keep warm at night.

    I also tried to grow Exhibition onions and was pleased with the result (photo 2) - the bulbs are large, juicy, sweet. I harvested three large buckets of crops from just one bag of seeds! This year I will plant twice as much.
    Nothing complicated: in mid-March, I sow the seeds at a distance of 5 mm from each other in two-liter juice boxes. Exhibition grows well, I water as needed. I plant seedlings in the garden in mid-May at a distance of 10 cm, so that the bulbs have enough space for development. The only drawback is the shelf life: only until the end of December. But the onion is so tasty that it does not lie in the cellar!

    Growing cucumbers in tunnels - planting and care, my reviews (Kaluga region)


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