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  1. D. Bogometova, Saratov

    To tie the cauliflower

    Sometimes, for unknown reasons, cabbage begins to fatten, regardless of the variety and variety. The leaves are huge, and the heads are not tied (photo 1). Please note: the cabbage leaf is up to my chest. So imagine the size of cauliflower, and this is it.
    She grew her own from seeds, did not feed anything. Initially, I plant in purchased land: it already comes with fertilizer, which is enough for the growth of seedlings. When my color tree grew to an unprecedented size in the garden, and there were no fork ovaries, I began to pick off the lower leaves to feed the hens (photo 2) - I thought it would still be of no use. My living creatures will not eat such a mountain of leaves right away, so I pinched off a little from the bottom of the stalk.
    I complained to my neighbor about such a “harvest” - she told me that the cabbage should be watered with ice water: then, they say, it will start. And where can I get it in the summer, ice? However, I had to experiment.

    The water was frozen in a pan in the freezer and watered every three days for two weeks. And - about a miracle! - in the middle began to look through a small white fork. He grew up small, but his own (photo 3). So I don’t know what helped: breaking leaves in a large volume or cold water? If you have such a problem, try both methods and write how it went for you to find out: is it an accident or a good way to wake up the cabbage?

    Do not pick off the leaves from the cauliflower - there will be large heads of cabbage!

  2. Irina Aksenova

    Cauliflower seeds were planted for the first time this year. But the plants never formed heads. Why?

    • OOO "Sad"

      - The primary reason for this "behavior" of cabbage is poor-quality seedlings with weak roots. After planting in the ground, such plants hardly start to grow, and they no longer have enough strength to tie the head. The heads may also fail to tie both at low temperatures and at temperatures above +28 degrees.
      Lack of nutrients can also lead to a lack of crops. Twice during the summer, with an interval of 3-4 weeks, it is necessary to feed the cauliflower with infusion of bird droppings (1:20), mullein (1:10) or a solution of complex mineral fertilizer (according to the instructions).

      When the heads begin to tie, dilute 10 g of boric acid, 2 g of manganese sulfate (not to be confused with potassium permanganate!) And 1,5 g of ammonium molybdenum in 0,5 liters of water. Pour 0,5 L of the solution under each plant.

  3. Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

    Help, I have problems with cauliflower: very small heads have grown, besides, they are crumbling. I observe the crop rotation. She shaded cabbage from the sun, planted seedlings, watered - in general, I did everything as always, but there was no harvest. What are the reasons, does the hot summer affect the formation of heads, and how to protect cabbage in the open field? What else can you do besides installing arcs with a shade mesh?

  4. Alexander

    For storage, I select dense white heads with a diameter of 12-1 5 cm. I remove the leaves, rinse with running water. I dry, wrap each in two layers of paper or cling film and send it to the refrigerator on the shelf for storing vegetables. I change the wrapper periodically.

  5. Julia GOLOVACH, Smolensk

    I love cauliflower, so I always set aside a large garden for it. In order not to miss the moment of harvesting, I check the inflorescences every 2-3 days. You need to have time to cut them off before they become soft. In hot weather, cabbage ripens quickly and needs to be checked more frequently. So that the inflorescences develop more slowly and gain weight, I shade them from the scorching sun with a thin spunbond.

  6. Egor Sergeevich LUKASH

    To get a large head of cauliflower, you need to have at least 20 leaves on the plant. And for this, the soil in the garden bed must be constantly moist.
    Even a 2-3-day break in watering during the period of tying the heads leads to the fact that they will be small and "crumbly". Moreover, subsequent watering will not correct the situation.


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