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  1. Andrey MARIN, Chelyabinsk region

    Why does the pear not bloom
    An orchard was laid out 10 years ago. We are collecting a good harvest. And only one pear did not bloom, although the variety was zoned, and they fed abundantly. The neighbor suggested: perhaps in summer the tree does not have enough moisture - in the dry season, pears need to be watered every week (50 liters per adult plant). He advised not to get carried away with nitrogen fertilizers (in the second half of summer), an excess of which contributes to the growth of leaves, and not the setting of flower buds. In addition, such a tree is more vulnerable to disease. If there is an excess of nitrogen in the soil, in addition to refusing to fertilize, you can drive a few nails into the tree trunk or sow legumes or clovers in the near-trunk circle, which actively take nitrogen from the ground. I listened to the advice. And already last year, the pear blossomed.

    • OOO "Sad"

      Of all fruit crops, pear trees begin to bear fruit later. Abundant application of nitrogen fertilizers, indeed, postpones the beginning of this process even more. Nails in the trunk will not have a positive effect on the plant (in the soil, as a rule, there is enough iron for fruit), although they will not cause harm.

      Valery MATVEEV, Doctor of Science


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