1. Marina

    I have been a grocery store clerk for many years, but I won't be for long.
    to tell how difficult it is to communicate with some buyers, because people are all different. She used to sob for hours because of rude unfair remarks, and didn’t sleep at night, and wrote a letter of resignation more than once, but in the end she returned, because the town is small, it’s hard to find work, and the child (I’m raising him alone) needs to be fed every day .

    I started to take sedatives, but there is valerian almost everywhere, and I can’t stand it very well - I immediately start to feel sick, so I had to refuse. And once I got into a conversation with my middle-aged neighbor and complained to her about her troubles, she immediately went home and brought me a small bag of dried grass, which emitted a pleasant aroma. It turned out that this is lemon balm, which she grows in her garden. And so, the next day after work, I made myself lemon balm tea (3 tablespoons per 1 glass of water, insisted for 10 minutes under the lid), and added honey instead of sugar. I wanted to sleep almost immediately, and most importantly, I didn’t even toss and turn in bed, but passed out immediately. Since the donated bag quickly emptied, I asked my mother to plant lemon balm in my garden. Now I drink this magical tea myself with pleasure and advise everyone who needs peace of mind.


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