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  1. Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

    Dear readers, tell me, please, what happened to my potatoes? For many years the seeds have such sprouts. From 50 kg of potatoes, I gained only 3 kg of good seeds, and the rest are as in the photo.

    Growing potatoes - my feedback on "alternative methods" and experiments with potatoes (Orel)

  2. Svetlana Vasilievna Togliatti

    Last autumn, the potato showed an unprecedented trick: on the tops, in internodes, small nodules about 1 × 5 cm in size grew (some specimens were more than 2 cm in length). Moreover, this happened on the bushes of only one variety, which is popularly called Gypsy for the purple peel. This potato is very tasty, crumbly, but why did it give out strange tubercles?

    After much thought, I came to the conclusion that the variety is degenerating and in this way, as it were, protects itself, fights for life under the sun. Well, if so, then I stopped relying on the harvest too - I will collect something, well, okay. But when I started digging, I was even more surprised: a lot of potatoes were born, and large ones, some specimens were very large. Here is a ready breeder theme! And I still regret that I did not preserve the very nodules that grew on the tops. Probably, it was worth putting them in the refrigerator and experimenting with them in the new season. Indeed, it is precisely such nodules that grow from seeds. Or not?

    Therefore, I have one more question for our readers: who else gave out such a potato trick? Maybe some of the summer residents know what the appearance of such "surprises" on the tops really means? I would love to get answers to these questions, because I love doing experiments.


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