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  1. Maria Savina

    This year the cabbage grew poorly, the heads of cabbage remained small, and in some places they were covered with red spots. The cabbage tastes tough. Why did it happen?

    • OOO "Sad"

      - According to the description, it looks like the cabbage got sick with phomosis. It is a fungal infection that hibernates in the soil. Therefore, it is extremely important to observe the crop rotation and not to grow cabbage and other cruciferous vegetables (radish, turnip, radish, daikon) every year in the same place. Also, the disease can be transmitted with seeds, so buy them from trusted suppliers and disinfect them. In addition, phomosis can be easily spread by wind, insects and humans and transferred from diseased plants to healthy ones.

      If the disease affects your cabbage, then it should not be grown on the site (as well as representatives of this family) for 5 years.


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