1. Marina NESTEROVA

    For a long time I have been growing cucumbers in open ground and without seedlings. At the same time, I start harvesting no later than my neighbors, who are still growing cucumbers in a greenhouse. The secret is simple: I grow them in raised beds. To do this, my husband and I made wooden boxes 40 cm high and painted them outside and inside with dark paint.
    I fill the boxes with a mixture of soddy soil, rotted sawdust and compost (3: 1: 1). In early May, I sow the seeds of cucumbers in well-moistened soil and cover with a film. After the emergence of shoots, I remove the shelter. Due to the box, the earth warms up perfectly, and cucumbers grow well without shelter. By the way, I noticed that in the open field they get sick less often and bear fruit until the very cold.


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