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  1. Vera LIPAI

    Our cherries were strewn with flowers, but there were no ovaries. The husband was suggested a folk way: in the spring, drill two holes in the trunk of trees below the first branches, hammer chips cut in diameter into them and cover everything with garden pitch (or paint over with oil paint).
    The essence of this procedure is as follows: holes reduce the flow of juice into the crown, thereby provoking the plant to fruit set. Sticks driven into holes protect against pathogens and decay. Garden pitch serves the same purpose and keeps the juice from flowing out.

    • OOO "Sad"

      The author does not talk about the results of his experiment, apparently, the result is missing. The fact is that cherry trees, as indicated in the letter, bloom profusely every year, which means that they are able to produce a good harvest even without “surgical operations”. But the lack of fruiting can be caused by several reasons.

      The self-infertility of the cultivated variety, that is, fertilization does not occur when pollinated by the pollen of its variety. Cherry seedlings of other varieties should be planted near these trees.
      Abnormally cold and rainy weather during flowering, which prevents the flight of pollinating insects. To attract bees and bumblebees to the garden, spray cherry trees during flowering with a solution of sugar with honey (1 tablespoon of honey and sugar per 1 liter of water).
      Valery MATVEEV, Doctor of Science


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