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    Last year I faced the problem of choosing vegetable seeds. There are so many cucumbers that the eyes run up. I bought 8 varieties to plant and see which ones are better. Experimentally, I have found the best variety for myself. It is called Shchedrin. Fruiting is very good, the cucumbers are medium in size, good for salad and pickling. Already bought seeds for next year. And also I want to recommend to everyone the radish Heat and 18 days. Maybe someone else can share information about their favorite varieties? I think it will be useful for everyone.

  2. Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

    My cucumbers grew beautifully and bore fruit in a greenhouse, which is in partial shade. Especially liked the hybrids Boy with a finger, Gosha and Balkonny.

  3. Valentina SAMUSEVA

    Cucumbers until late autumn

    In mid-July, after the radish and garlic, she sowed a new bed of cucumbers, but an unusual one.
    Spread out old tires at a distance of 75 cm from each other. Inside I threw fresh manure on a shovel, covered it with a layer of fresh cut grass and covered it with earth mixed with sand (3: 1).
    The soil in the tires was spilled with 5 liters of ammonium nitrate solution (15-25 g per 10 liters of water), sown cucumber seeds at a distance of 15 cm from each other, covered with spunbond.
    As soon as shoots appeared, I removed the shelter. I left 3 strongest plants in each tire.
    Watered and weeded regularly. At the stage of two true leaves, I poured 1 liter of ammophoska solution under each bush (a matchbox for 10 liters of water).
    And from the beginning of flowering, I watered it with kvass once a week. To do this, I diluted 15 g of yeast in a bucket of water, added 1 tbsp. sugar and 15-20 drops of iodine, insisted in the heat for 5-8 hours.
    During flowering, to attract bees, the plants were sprayed with honey water.
    Cucumbers in tires grew until the end of September!


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