1. Raisa MATVEEVA, Cand. Biol. science

    What kind of “beast” is the strawberry leaf beetle?

    This pest damages strawberries (garden strawberries) and berry bushes growing next to them - currants and gooseberries. Leaves on damaged berry fields dry out prematurely. If you look closely, you can see pest larvae on them.

    Control measures
    The beetles overwinter under strawberry and currant bushes. Therefore, without waiting for them to emerge, cover the soil under the plants, for example, with pieces of old roofing felt, film, cardboard. Most of the beetles will not be able to get out from under such a barrier and will die. But some of the beetles will still end up on the bushes, and you can expect a landing party from your neighbors. In this case, at the end of April, it would be useful to treat strawberries and currants with a drug against a complex of pests on berry fields - for example, Figoverm, Kinmiks or Actellik (strictly according to the instructions). When spraying, you should try to ensure that the product gets on the underside of the leaves, where the bulk of the beetles and larvae are located.


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