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  1. Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

    I did an interesting experiment with potatoes. In the spring, in mid-March, when I sow tomatoes on seedlings, I planted three potato sprouts in a small box. It was painfully a pity to throw them out, they were so plump. After some time, they ascended and began to grow actively. As soon as it got warmer at the end of April, I transplanted these seedlings into a large pot and put them in a greenhouse (photo 4). There, the bush grew so much that it was only necessary to water it. Several times I fed with diluted manure.
    All the time I wanted to see what was growing there, but I restrained myself and only when the tops began to turn yellow and dry, and this happened on August 5, I poured out the contents of the pot and was surprised. 10 medium potatoes, 7 small ones and 3 "pea" ones were produced. Well, I never expected that I would dig up potatoes from three sprouts for a couple of full meals!

  2. Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

    This summer is hot, and last year it was "born" at the end of August - phytophthora on potatoes is right there. Part of the harvest was lost, and I quarantined the land on that site this year. I found four new places for potatoes. There were not enough of their own seeds - they had to plant them with eyes cut from large purchased potatoes. And here's what happened.
    There are two rows on the bed of eyes (photo 1). From my own seeds in a box between the doors of the balcony, sprouts grew up to 30 cm. I planted them lying in a trench - I always plant this way, we do not dig a field in the spring. At the bottom we pour ash, crushed eggshells and grass soaked in a mash. I spread the sprouted potatoes on top of the grass. I dig the next trench, filling the first row with earth, and I repeat this with each new row (photo 2).

    Not all eyes are open. Out of three or four sprouts, one sprouted, in some places two. Autumn will show what the harvest will be. From the overgrown sprouts, the bushes grew luxuriantly and early. On the same day with the neighbors, she planted potatoes with long sprouts - they sprouted four days earlier than those of the neighbors, and bloomed earlier too. I plant long shoots for the second year - a good harvest. All tubers are large, clean, tasty.

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