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  1. Anna Golikova

    My parents complain that they had practically no apples this year, although the trees are young. The father writes off the frequency of fruiting - they say, last season there was a bountiful harvest, and this year the plants were resting. Is it really so?

    • OOO "Sad"

      - The lack of this year's harvest is the influence of exclusively weather conditions. Severe frosts and winds in January, a thaw in February, and then a cold spring - all this led to freezing of flower buds of fruit trees, which affected their harvest.

      As for the frequency of fruiting, this phenomenon is more typical for trees of old varieties (for example, Antonovka, Bely naliv, Borovinka, Streyfling, Sinap), of which there are not so many left on personal plots. In modern gardens, annual fruiting will be ensured by timely pruning, feeding, and protective measures. I’ll even say more: if a stalk of an old variety is grafted onto a good clonal stock in April, and then the tree is cut off every year, the harvest is normalized (remove excess flowers), then even Antonovka's fruiting frequency is smoothed out. You will receive a harvest annually, only in one year there will be a lot of fruits, and in another - less.
      It must be understood that the reason for the periodicity is in the overload of the plant and its depletion. When a tree lays a huge number of flower buds, they all bloom and set a crop, and as a result, the tree simply does not have the strength to lay new flower buds for next year. Therefore, it rests in the next season. When you regularly prune your garden, remove branches with extra flower buds, the plant does not deplete itself and produces a harvest every year, and of good quality.

      Julia KONDRATENOK, Cand. agricultural sciences


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