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  1. 3. Fedorova, Smolensk

    There was a cherry in my garden - I did not plant it. It bloomed every spring, but did not bear fruit. I don’t remember who advised me, but the fall before last, she poured 2 buckets of lime under the tree and said well with a cherry: “If you, my beauty, don’t give fruit, you’ll have to cut it down.” Last year, the cherry gave such a long-awaited harvest. How could this happen?

    • OOO "Sad"

      From time to time we receive such letters, where everything was decided by a “conversation” with a tree. But let's not discuss it. Opinions here can be very different. But the introduction of lime is another matter. After all, lime reduces the acidity of the soil, and on acidic soils, cherries almost do not bear fruit. True, 2 buckets under one tree is a lot.
      As deoxidizers, not only slaked or quicklime is added, but also ground limestone, dolomitic limestone, chalk, shell rock, wood ash. Doses depend on the acidity, mechanical composition of the soil and the crop being grown. For example, doses of ground limestone can range from 100-150 g/sq. m on sandy and sandy loamy soils with a slightly acidic reaction up to 1-1,4 kg / sq. m on clay, strongly acidic soils.
      It is better to apply lime materials 1-2 years before planting or in front of it, evenly spreading over the entire area. You can re-lime only after 5-7 years.
      When choosing a material for soil deoxidation, consider its neutralizing ability. For chalk, it is taken as 100%, for quicklime - 120%, dolomite flour - 90%, ash -80% or less, depending on what it is obtained from. So on strongly acidic soil it is better to add lime, and on slightly acidic soil, ash can also be added.

      Lime as a deoxidizer is an excellent material. It is inexpensive, small, which means it will work quickly. To neutralize acidic medium loamy soils, 300-600 g / sq. m, lime, depending on the acidity (the more acidic, the greater the dosage).

      But do not forget that the dose depends on the composition of the soil. The lighter the soil, the less lime is required.


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