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  1. Inna Pavlovna

    Are there any features of planting roses of different varieties?

    • OOO "Sad"

      If you decide to plant roses in the fall, then they do not need pruning during this period. And the shoots should be shortened only with the advent of spring. This applies to all varieties of roses, except climbing ones. Consider what the requirements are for different types.
      When planting climbing roses, you must immediately install a support. If you decide to plant such a rose against a wall or fence, then you need to dig a hole at a distance of at least 50 cm from them. The root is not placed symmetrically, but directed in the opposite direction from the obstacle.

      In the planting hole, the rose root must be straightened. The standard size is 60 cm wide and 40 deep, but these parameters may vary. If the soil is poor or the soil is very dense, it is necessary to dig a larger hole. The drainage layer should be increased by at least 20 cm in waterlogged areas where groundwater is close to the surface. And for rooted cuttings, consisting of a thin twig and an underdeveloped root, the recess is made 2 times smaller.
      A hole half the standard size is also dug for ground cover roses. And immediately remove all the weeds, because when the plant grows, it will become almost impossible to fight them.

      If you want the standard rose to decorate the garden plot, first dig in a peg, deepening it by 60 cm. And place the plant stem 4-5 cm from the support.
      English roses are very fond of freedom. Therefore, when placing them, do not spare space. In order for these flowers to surprise with their beauty, you will need to follow all the rules of agricultural technology.

  2. Lyudmila. Yekaterinburg city

    I want to share how I keep Cordana roses at home in winter.
    When frosts begin, I dig up roses and plant them in flower pots with purchased soil for roses, add a little humus, ash, water moderately through the pan - the main thing is that the soil always remains slightly moist. I feed fertilizer for roses. Now it's winter, frost, and my roses are blooming! I would be glad to read about conifers - how to properly preserve them at home? Maybe one of the readers will share advice.

    Rose in a pot at home - planting and care


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