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  1. Larisa Kirillova, florist

    It is usually difficult to remember the names of plants, which, for example, prefer sunny locations. But memorizing complex color names is not at all necessary. Try to remember their signs, it's much easier. For example, all drought-resistant plants usually have narrow leaves (carnation, flax, yucca, daylilies). They have gray, pubescent leaves (boletus bindweed, cmin). And, finally, many have fleshy leaves with a waxy bloom (stonecrop, rejuvenated). Remembering these simple rules, you can safely go to the flower market, and our tips will not let you down.

  2. Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

    To make the flower garden happy is not necessary:

    - loosen the soil without need,
    - too actively fight weeds in the spring, when the earth has not yet woken up;
    - plant short-lived plants: after a few years they will still have to be changed;
    - feed plants with fertilizers: they become more susceptible to damage;
    - plant self-seeding forms near the paths, they will make this area untidy.

  3. Z.I. RUMYANTSEVA. Permian

    My dream is to wake up in the morning, open the window and breathe in the scent of my favorite flowers. In the meantime, from my window, a not too joyful view opens up of the lopsided neighbor's barn. Tell me how to arrange a fragrant flower garden right behind the glass?

    • OOO "Sad"

      Of course, the most suitable place for such a flower garden is a balcony, but if it is not there, then we will use the wall of your house and arrange a hanging flower bed right under the window.
      If the windows face south, the choice of plants is not so great. The abundance of sunlight is loved by nasturtium, gypsophila, alyssum. If the windows face other cardinal points, there is much more choice. Balsam is excellent for growing in shaded hanging gardens. It blooms profusely and uninterruptedly all summer long with large flowers that do not fade for a long time. This plant not only feels great in shade and partial shade, but is also resistant to wind and rain.
      Pelargoniums, tuberous begonias, and scented tobacco are also suitable. You can send indoor dwellers there for summer vacations: ivy, chlorufigum, fern, tsitsus.
      If the windows are small, do not frame them with climbing plants, they will seem even narrower. Better to make the hanging box slightly wider than the window and hang it below the level of the windowsill.
      Larisa Kirillova, florist


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