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  1. Ekaterina ILYUSHINA

    I want to share one of the random experiments. After processing the tomatoes, I had a solution of boric acid left, and I couldn’t think of anything better than spraying a pumpkin that had just begun to bloom. I planted it on heaps of good imported land.
    I dug holes in the soil, put a piece of plastic mesh on the bottom, and made a cylinder out of it to protect plants from moles.
    Then she poured humus, watered and planted pumpkin seedlings. I plant cucumbers, watermelons and cucumbers in the same cylinders.
    It's time to harvest. Two pumpkins grew to unprecedented sizes: each 25 kg! Weighed - pulled more than 200 kg. For a whole month in the evenings I cooked candied fruits, dried 30 kg, made juice, jam, mashed potatoes ... I cooked porridge from the remaining fresh pumpkin, prepared casseroles for children, rubbed and froze.
    In the article by M.E. Cherry "The Secret of Pumpkin Roots" says that the substances contained in the pumpkin slow down the aging of the body. Do I think that I am so young? Of course, so many pumpkins to eat ... But if it's no joke, my papillomas disappeared without a trace. So think.

    I cultivate the garden alone, so in the spring I need to plant and sow everything on time. I plant seeds of pumpkins, cucumbers, watermelons, corn, cucumbers, beans, chickpeas, peas in snails. When everything is dug up, it remains only to plant seedlings.

  2. Nikolay Proglyadov, Podolsk

    How to plant and grow pumpkins and zucchini on a compost heap?
    Can it be done?

    • OOO "Sad"

      - Of course, you can, if you did not add manure, bird droppings and nitrogen fertilizers to the compost heap (in this case, a large accumulation of nitrates is possible in pumpkins). In general, growing zucchini and pumpkins on a compost heap is no different from the usual. In addition, when growing, no fertilizers are needed and watering is usually needed less frequently.

  3. Lydia BELYAKOVA, Krasnogorsk, Moscow Region

    I offer you a recipe for a very tasty zucchini caviar. To prepare caviar you will need:
    - 3 kg of zucchini,
    - 2 kg of tomatoes,
    - 1 kg of carrots,
    - 1 kg of onion.
    Grate carrots on a coarse grater. Tomatoes, onions, zucchini
    cut. Fry each vegetable separately in sunflower oil for 10-15 minutes. Then pass everything through a meat grinder, mix, add 2 tablespoons of salt, 4 tablespoons of sugar and 2 tablespoons of vinegar.
    Cook for an hour and a half, stirring constantly so that the caviar does not burn. Place hot caviar in jars and roll up.


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