1. Marina DEMCHENKO

    When using it, petunia seedlings are not affected by the black leg and do not die. I want to share some tricks.

    You will need a low wide container, on the bottom of which I pour agroperlite or vermiculite with a layer of 1 cm.
    I cut off the bottom of disposable cups.
    I fill each one with soil. To do this, substituting a palm from below, I tamp the first two spoons so that it does not get enough sleep, put it in a container and fill up the rest of the soil loosely.
    I spill the substrate with water half the depth of the glass.
    In the middle I make indentations of 3-5 mm, I put seeds in them. And I spray.
    I close the crops with cling film, send them to the warmest and brightest place. The resulting condensate is removed during ventilation.
    As soon as the leaves appear, I fill the recesses with earth with a toothpick, spudding the stems. Now the seedlings will grow straight, without falling on their side.
    I water through the pan, wetting the agroperlite.
    When they grow up to 1 cm, I simply pour water into the container, controlling the level of moisture in the cups (this can be seen through the transparent walls). The surface of the earth near the neck of the petunias always remains dry, and the black leg does not infect the plants.


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