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  1. V. SKOVORODKIN, Moscow

    Fried eggplant is a very spicy and tasty snack. Eggplants can be cooked in just minutes. But you need to do this so that there is no bitterness, often inherent in eggplant dishes.
    Washed eggplants should be cut into slices, spread out on a plate and sprinkle thickly with salt. Within 20-25 minutes, bitter juice will stand out from the eggplant, which will be absorbed into the salt. Then the salt is scraped off the slices with a knife and the eggplants are fried in vegetable oil.

    Serve fried eggplant with tomatoes, herbs and mayonnaise.


    My friends have been complaining for a long time that their blood pressure jumps, then their joints hurt, and I, apart from my teeth, do not treat anything. But last year, doctors found high cholesterol in my blood. The doctor warned: diet and medicine, otherwise it’s not enough to work (and I still work), but I won’t be able to dig in the garden either. I really didn’t want to swallow pills, so I began to look for folk remedies. And it turned out that eggplants, or, as we call them, blue ones, are great for cholesterol.

    In our district, almost everyone treats the blue ones somehow dismissively - they are not a product of prime necessity, so they imprison a little. So in our garden for eggplants, I always singled out a small bed, and even then if there was room. And now I had to specially allocate more space for them in the southern part of the garden, where cucumbers and onions used to grow, because, as you know, eggplants refuse to grow after potatoes and tomatoes. I took some of the seeds from my neighbors, bought some and soaked them for 1,5 hours in a solution of potassium permanganate (1%) before sowing, then washed and dried them. In early May, I planted seedlings in the ground, and then only watered them - they grew wonderfully with me. And I managed to avoid the biggest trouble - the invasion of the Colorado potato beetle, which loves eggplant.
    My neighbors once planted them next to potatoes and were left without a crop: the beetle ate all the seedlings in just three days. In July, the first eggplants had already ripened for me, from which I began to cook various dishes that not only I, but also my household, ate with pleasure. And when, after 2 months, I again donated blood for cholesterol, its indicators became noticeably lower. Thanks blue ones.
    Eggplants can be well preserved for up to 25 days, if immediately after harvesting they are placed for 2 days in a dark cold (7-10 ° C) room with a humidity of 80-90%, and then stored at a temperature of 1-2 ° C Do not keep eggplants in the light recommended, because they additionally accumulate solanine, which worsens their quality and in large quantities can cause poisoning.


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