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  1. Svetlana KRIVENKOVA, agronomist

    Harvest cucumbers by the end of May? It's real!

    What can be done to get a cucumber harvest two weeks earlier than the neighbors?

    When buying seeds, choose ultra-early self-pollinating hybrids that can produce a crop within 40-45 days after germination (this is indicated on the package).
    In the first decade of April, sow pre-germinated seeds for seedlings one at a time in peat pots with a volume of 0,5 liters or more.
    Mix soil for seedlings with humus or compost (3: 1).
    Until seedlings appear, keep warm closer to the battery, then place on the windowsill.
    Transplant seedlings into a greenhouse when the air there warms up to + 15 ... + 16 degrees.
    3a couple of days before the “move”, treat the cucumbers according to the instructions with any preparation for gray rot and downy mildew.
    Before planting, drop a large handful of compost and ash into each hole. When transplanting seedlings, do not deepen, pour plenty of warm water. If the weather is cool at night or there is a threat of return frosts, put caps on the plants from cut five-liter PET bottles at night and cover them with spunbond.

  2. Galina Kurdasova, Omsk

    Cucumbers and tomatoes can be obtained 1-5 months earlier if the “cylinder” method is used in the greenhouse.
    From two 2-liter bottles I cut out a canvas and sew it with a “gypsy” needle and harsh threads (or wire using an awl) on both sides - a hollow 5-6-liter cylinder without a bottom is obtained. I am preparing a few.
    In March or early April, I put the cylinders in the greenhouse on the ground, fill them with warm soil prepared at home, and plant seedlings. In one container one plant - tomato or cucumber.
    In April we already have a lot of sun, it's hot in the greenhouse, but the ground is still cold. L in the container, the earth is warm, cucumber-tomatoes grow quickly. If an extreme minus is promised on the street, it is easy to cover the containers with foil.
    The harvest in these cylinders ripens 1-5 months earlier than usual. Cucumbers turn green in May, tomatoes turn red in June. In July, the plants are already bearing fruit, I remove them, I plant seedlings of cucumbers in this place, which prolongs the harvest.


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