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  1. Anna Solovieva, Tula

    I saw on the Internet vertical beds with greenery. I want to build one next to the summer kitchen. What containers are better to choose?

    • OOO "Sad"

      - Such fashionable beds are different, but they are all vertically fixed containers with soil.
      There can be any containers, however, in iron and plastic pots, the earth warms up and dries much faster than in ceramic or wooden boxes.
      Make holes in the pots to drain excess moisture and pour a layer of expanded clay or broken brick drainage on the bottom. Fill with nutrient soil.
      Place the vertical bed facing east or west. If she looks south, the plants may dry out under the influence of the hot rays of the sun.
      Next, it remains to sow everything and monitor the soil moisture.

      Nikolai CHROMOV, Cand. of sciences


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