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  1. Alexey Anisimov

    Cherry plum next to the apple tree: who to whom
    This spring I want to plant two seedlings of hybrid cherry plum. But there is not much space left on the site. There is only space between two apple trees. Will such a neighborhood interfere? At what distance from each other to plant cherry plum seedlings?

    • OOO "Sad"

      - Planting seedlings of cultivated cherry plum in no way interferes with apple trees. But cherry plum plants under the canopy of apple tree crowns will feel uncomfortable. To create favorable conditions for growth and prevent the fruiting of planted seedlings, try to carry out a stronger pruning this spring, and if the apple trees are mature, then rejuvenating pruning.
      Make the distance between cherry plum seedlings 2-3 m. The denser the planting, the more difficult the subsequent pruning of trees will be.


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