1. Gennady LITAVRIN, plant collector, Moscow

    Many flower growers believe that eremurus do not winter well, so they need to be dug up for the winter and stored in a cool place, and planted in the garden in the spring.
    I strongly disagree with this.

    My many years of experience in growing these unusual flowers showed that they are quite hardy. So, in one of the cold winters, I had several forgotten specimens of one of my favorite varieties left on the surface of the soil. I remembered them only in January, when there was no snow yet, and the frosts were down to -27 degrees. It was not possible to go to the dacha, and in April a surprise awaited me - quite alive and rooted to the soil of the Nedonets. All I had to do was cover them with earth. In the summer, these eremurus also bloomed, but a little later than the specimens planted on time. My beauties did not suffer from spring frosts.
    The main condition for growing eremurus is to choose the most sunny and dry place. I practically do not water my plants - they have enough natural rainfall. On sandy and sandy soils, they work especially well. When planting in clay areas, it is necessary to add sand to the soil or make a “cushion” under the root, and also pour it on top. From dressings I use only "Kemira Universal". I bring it in early in the spring in the snow (30-40 g / sq.m), as well as when preparing a new place for eremurus. I do not recommend using organic fertilizers, as they weaken the resistance of plants to diseases.


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