1. Leonid Stepanovich LI/OAROV. Tolyatti

    Do-it-yourself apple tree from a seed

    A few years ago I decided to try growing planting material from seeds. I took the Anis Scarlet variety, which is most suitable for the climate of the Middle Volga region. I chose the best apples, washed and dried the grains so that there was no mold. Sowed on a special bed in late autumn, under the very snow, so that birds would not peck and mice would not eat. It seems that the winter was not severe, but in the spring there were no shoots for a long time, I already stopped hoping. Only by the end of the first decade of June, sprouts appeared from the ground. Less than half of the seeds sprouted: either they turned out to be weak, or they froze out. But by the end of the summer stretched out on the finger. Selected the strongest, transplanted to a new place. Three years have passed since then.

    My seedlings have developed well, in the autumn I was convinced that they had reached sizes suitable for grafting (the main shoot is as thick as a pencil). In the spring I will graft with cuttings. I hope everything goes well. In my opinion, having your own seedlings is more reliable than buying them from random hands.


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